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Clownfield 2042 Parodies Battlefield 2042 But Performs Better

Clownfield 2042 Parodies Battlefield 2042 But Performs Better

by Aiman MaulanaJanuary 4, 2022
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Clownfield 2042 Parodies Battlefield 2042 But Performs Better

Battlefield 2042 was launched in a mess, riddles with bugs and glitches here and there. Enter Clownfield 2042, taking what makes the game it parodies and turning it up a notch in a more wacky way. Let’s dive right into it.

Clownfield 2042: A Better Battlefield 2042?

Clownfield 2042 is basically a parody of Battlefield 2042, as it’s a first-person shooter with the special weather effects such as tornadoes, and it also includes the signature destructible environment. The catch here is that the game isn’t trying to make it realistic as it’s more of a wacky, zany approach to it.

Funnily enough, the game has bugs that the developers over at Riverside Sports claimed that they will never fix. If you were familiar with how overpowered hovercrafts are in Battlefield 2042, they’ve also included it in the game. In case you were wondering, the game does have a scoreboard as well.

The game itself isn”t free, but it is available for a very affordable price on Steam, at just USD $1 / RM3. Moreover, the game has a 10% discount offer until 8th January 2022. Reviews on the game have been mostly positive, which is ironic to think about given that the game it’s parodying is doing badly on that end. Since it is on Steam, the game is exclusive to PC gamers.


Pokdepinion: It’s really cheap and it’s surprisingly fun to play. You should just get some friends together to play this game, you’d be surprised how enjoyable it really is. I mean, given the price and the additional discount on top of it (at the time of this writing), you really got nothing to lose with this.

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