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Steam Summer Sale 2021 Dates Apparently Leaked

Steam Summer Sale 2021 Dates Apparently Leaked

by Raja IdrisJune 17, 2021
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For PC gamers, we absolutely love it when there’s a sale on Steam. Well it seems that the upcoming Steam Summer Sale’s dates has been leaked in its entirety and it’s coming sooner than you’d expect.

Steam Summer Sale 2021

Steam Summer Sale 2021As is the case for every year, Steam doesn’t announce the sales date before it actually takes place. We all know how games can be gotten for dirt cheap during the Summer Sale and for those of you who are planning to purchase games, you may want to hold out for a little while longer as the release date is closer than you think.

According to a leak, it appears that the sale will begin on the 24th of June and ends at 8th of July. Referring to the tweet, it seems that the sale was supposed to start later but got pushed forward due to Steam partners reportedly leaking on the matter.

As for now, do take the news with a pinch of salt as it is still not official. Should the leak be true however, we wouldn’t have to wait long now to enjoy massive discounts on the platform’s store.

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Pokdepinion: Though it’s not concrete just yet, Steam Database has reportedly correctly on the date for this year’s Steam Lunar New Year Sale. Let’s hope that it is indeed true, I wouldn’t mind getting some new games to play now!

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