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PS Plus Asia September 2020 FREE Games Lineup

PS Plus Asia September 2020 FREE Games Lineup

by Aiman MaulanaSeptember 8, 2020
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In case you missed it, the PS Plus Asia September 2020 free games lineup is now out. Wondering what free games came your way? Let’s find out.

PS Plus Asia September 2020 Free Games Lineup

PUBG: PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds

One of the most popular games in recent years that helped to push battle royale to become a proper genre, PUBG (PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds) will have you fight against up to 99 other players in a large map. To survive, you will need to loot for items and equipment wherever you can, and outgun your enemies.

You can play this in either solo or squad mode in groups up to 4 people. You only have a single life so if you get gunned down, it’s game over and on to the next match. Be the last person standing and it’s winner winner, chicken dinner for you.

Street Fighter V

The other game that’s making its way for free as part of PS Plus Asia September 2020 is Street Fighter V. The game does have quite a bit of expansions but this one will just be the base game itself. You will be able to enjoy the full experience, unlike the free demos that were available for the game, including online play.

Both games are now available until 5th October 2020. If any of these games pique your interest and you haven’t owned them yet, then it’s a good time to subscribe to PS Plus.


Pokdepinion: The free games this time are decent enough. At least if you had friends over and you didn’t know what to play, Street Fighter V is a rather viable choice, assuming you haven’t owned it yet.

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