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Console gamers now have an AI-based cheat

Console gamers now have an AI-based cheat

by Vyncent ChanJuly 9, 2021
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A lot of console gamers will tell you that they disable the crossplay feature to avoid cheaters on PC. But what if console gamers can also cheat? Apparently we now have a machine learning-based hack that allows console gamers to cheat, despite being unable to install third party tools onto their consoles.

This AI-based cheat apparently works by connecting your console to a capture card on a PC. The concept is that your gameplay will be sent to the PC via the capture card, where the AI algorithm will analyze and send input commands to your console to automatically aim at the targets. This tool apparently works on all the major gaming platforms too: Xbox, PlayStation and even PC.

The player will still have to look towards the target as this AI-based cheat needs to “see” the enemy on the screen, before it can snap the crosshairs onto the enemy. It’s not as effective as the wallhacks and aimbots that you might find on the PC platform, and of course, there’s might be some added latency from the capture card and machine learning algorithm.

However it does break the illusion that console gamers have about how consoles are a safe haven away from hackers. Oh well.

Pokdepinion: I wonder why are game developers not implementing better anti-cheat tools. Instead we get useless performance-sapping DRM like Denuvo just to protect their incomes better.

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