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PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass May Be Coming

PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass May Be Coming

by Aiman MaulanaNovember 23, 2020
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With Microsoft’s Xbox Game Pass growing in popularity, some wondered if Sony has plans for a counter-attack with a PlayStation-equivalent for it. It looks like there is a good chance that might just happen sometime in the future.

PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass May Be Coming

PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass May Be Coming 18

A recent interview with Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan by Russian news agency TASS shed some light on the possibility of a PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass. While it was rather cryptic in nature, it does indicate that the PlayStation team has something to share with regards to that, just not at the moment.

There is actually news to come, but just not today. We have PlayStation Now which is our subscription service, and that is available in a number of markets.

Jim Ryan

It’s hard to make complete sense of what has been said, but there is one interesting thing that is worth pointing out. Previously, Jim Ryan said that it “doesn’t make any sense” to have a PlayStation-equivalent Xbox Game Pass. This indicates that there has been a change of heart, perhaps by seeing how well the competitor has been doing with their subscription service.

One of Microsoft’s key selling points for their gaming platforms is the Xbox Game Pass. It can be seen as a Netflix for gaming, with subscribers getting access to a library of games on their Xbox console, Windows 10 PC, and Android smartphones via xCloud. Taking into account special offers in the Ultimate subscription and a special price of USD $1 for new subscribers, it’s a very enticing deal for those looking to save some money while gaming.

While Sony Interactive Entertainment does have the PlayStation Now subscription service, that is limited to selection regions and older game libraries. Perhaps they might consider revamping it to be even more attractive than ever before. For now, there are no confirmed details just yet so stay tuned for that.


Pokdepinion: Well, competition is great and the ultimate winner is always the consumers. If Sony is doing something similar, I hope it will be competitive enough.

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