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The Darkness 2 Is FREE Now On Humble Bundle – Just 24 hours left to get it!

The Darkness 2 Is FREE Now On Humble Bundle – Just 24 hours left to get it!

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieMarch 28, 2018
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Grab The Darkness 2 ASAP!

Here’s some good news for all you PC gamers out there! The Darkness 2 is available to download now for FREE over at Humble Bundle. The first-person shooter video game with supernatural and RPG elements first came out back in 2012 for the Xbox 360, PS3 and PC and is a sequel to The Darkness that came out in 2007. The game is developed by Digital Extremes, the developers that brought you the popular free-to-play shooter Warframe and was published by 2K Games.

The Darkness 2 (and its predecessor) is based on a comic book series of the same name created by Marc Silvestri, Garth Ennis and David Wohl, all famed creators in the medium. At the time of release The Darkness 2 was greeted with very favourable reviews from both critics and gamers alike. The game didn’t do well in terms of sales however, despite it’s strong critical rating. It has since been regarded as one of the few most overlooked games in recent years by many gamers and critics.

Check out the short description of the game below (via Steam):

Inspired by the popular comic book series produced by Top Cow Productions, Inc., The Darkness II is an intense first person shooter that delivers a twisted and gripping narrative of tragedy, modern crime drama, and supernatural horror.
Players will be taken down the brutal and personal path of Jackie Estacado, head of a New York crime family and wielder of an ancient and ruthless force of chaos and destruction known as The Darkness.
It’s been two years since Jackie Estacado used The Darkness to kill the men responsible for his girlfriend’s murder. He’s been unable to shake the memory of Jenny’s death since bottling up his supernatural power and now The Darkness wants out. A sudden, unprovoked attack by a mysterious organization known as the Brotherhood heralds the start of a full-scale war and opens the door for The Darkness to reemerge, setting Jackie on a journey to hell and worse.

One feature I really like about The Darkness 2 is that the game features a campaign that can be played in co-op of up to 4 players which makes this an incredibly fun game to play with friends.

The Darkness 2 Is FREE Now On Humble Bundle - Just 24 hours left to get it! 27

The Darkness 2 will only be FREE to download for another 24 hours (at the time of writing) at Humble Bundle so what’re you waiting for? Smash the link below to get the game before it’s too late!

Get The Darkness 2 For FREE Here

Pokdepinion: I have to admit, I am one of those people who overlooked this game when it first came out but I really like Warframe and the developers so I’ll definitely be checking this game out after this when I download it off Humble Bundle. Besides, I enjoyed reading the original comic books.

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  • March 28, 2018 at 1:55 pm

    I got it yesterday. I understand why it didn’t sell as much as it should. I only watched 5 minutes of gameplay and there’s lots of gore and brutal deaths which might be a turn off for many. Well, that’s certainly not the case for me. I’ll try it out eventually.

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