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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Coming to PC / Steam Soon – Free Version Confirmed

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Coming to PC / Steam Soon – Free Version Confirmed

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 4, 2019
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Dissidia Final Fantasy NT is Coming to PC / Steam Soon

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Review

Square Enix has officially announced that Dissidia Final Fantasy NT will be coming to PC via Steam. There will also be a free to play version called “Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition”. This version will be launching on both the PlayStation 4 and Steam on 12th March 2019.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition will allow you to try out the game free of charge and pick between a certain selection of characters, rotating every week. Additional characters and weapons will be available for purchase individually. Players on the Free Edition will be able to participate in online matches against players on the full version of the game as well.

Together with the Free Edition, Dissidia Final Fantasy NT on Steam will be getting a Standard Edition containing 28 characters and access to various game modes including the story mode. The Deluxe Edition will include everything from the Standard Edition and a Season Pass, which contains the six new DLC characters along with their weapons and costumes.

No word on cross to allow players on the Steam version to battle with players on the PlayStation 4 version. An active PS Plus subscription is required to play the PlayStation 4 version of Dissidia Final Fantasy NT Free Edition.

You can check the game’s Steam page here.

If you want to know whether the game is good, bad, or meant for you, click right here to check out our review.

Pokdepinion: I’m still hoping for an update where they will add proper Limit Breaks / Finishing Moves like the old Dissidia games.

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