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HUAWEI Aims To Release An Affordable 5G Smartphone — With A Price Tag Around ~RM611

HUAWEI Aims To Release An Affordable 5G Smartphone — With A Price Tag Around ~RM611

by Raja IdrisJanuary 22, 2020
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Not many will argue that devices that comes with new technology, well they aren’t pretty cheap. In this case we’re talking about 5G, which looks set to to be the current trend. It seems that HUAWEI plans on making the technology affordable and make it accessible for users to experience it.

Affordable is very subjective. So how ‘affordable’ is it really? Well according to reports, HUAWEI seeks to release a smartphone that costs around US$150 (~RM611). At the current moment and outside of our country, the cheapest 5G smartphone that you could possibly get is the Redmi K30 5G that’s priced at US$285 (~RM1,160).

5G was seen as a feature only available on top-tier smartphone but seeing Snapdragon and MediaTek has released mid-range 5G chipset. It’ll be interesting to see if HUAWEI produces a 5G chip in that segment, seeing their only offering for 5G support is the Kirin 990.

Needless to say, it’ll be interesting to see whether HUAWEI will manage to release such a device, which they plan on releasing at the end of this year or early of 2021. Stay tuned to for more updates.

Pokdepinion: Who wouldn’t want top features to come at affordable prices, right? Let’s hope they achieve it.

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