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IBM Claims Mac Users Are More Efficient Than PC Users

IBM Claims Mac Users Are More Efficient Than PC Users

by Raja IdrisNovember 13, 2019
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This topic will divide people; Mac vs PC users. There’s just no end to the argument. According to IBM however, Mac users perform way better than their opposite.

It seems that IBM has done a research when it comes to productivity and they found out that “Mac enables greater productivity and employee satisfaction” in the company.

In terms of percentage, they said that 22% of MacOS users exceeded PC users when it comes to the company’s expectations in performance reviews.

They’ve said that their Mac users are 17% less likely to leave the company, compared to their Windows counterpart.

Currently, IBM has 200,000 macOS devices that’s run by seven engineers. On the other hand, they have 200,000 Windows devices that’s handled by 20 engineers.

Pokdepinion: I wonder what could be the reason behind of them being “loyal” to the company?

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