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MCMC Addresses Streamyx and ADSL Network Issue – Fibre Upgrades in Stages

MCMC Addresses Streamyx and ADSL Network Issue – Fibre Upgrades in Stages

by Aiman MaulanaOctober 14, 2018
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MCMC Addresses Streamyx and ADSL Network Issue

Previously, we reported about MCMC being aware of the issues being faced by Streamyx users such as them feeling left out by the whole MSAP plan, which you can read about right here. At that point in time, there was not much details going but now, they have shed more light on the matter.

According to the official statement by MCMC, they have had discussions with the telcos on fixing the issue a few days back, and this includes Streamyx users who are still paying a high price for their packages. It is said that the telcos are committed to the government’s plan to offer high speed broadband service at reasonable prices.

It was mentioned that TM and Maxis will be looking to upgrade their ADSL service to fibre optics in stages, whereas Celcom will continue to widen their coverage for fixed broadband in 2019.

This will result in the ultimate goal of consumers being able to enjoy lower prices, higher speed at the same price, or possibly both. For now, MCMC will be monitoring the situation to make sure the plans that they have laid out will be running smoothly.

This also means that at the moment, it appears that Streamyx / Unifi Broadband users will still be forced to continue paying the high prices. Hopefully, there will be some major developments that will help speed up the process, especially when 2019 is finally here.

Source: Official Facebook post

Pokdepinion: There will indeed be people unhappy to hear this but to some extent, at least we have an idea as to what will be happening moving forward.

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