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New Oculus Rift S With Five Onboard Cameras Introduced At RM1,619

New Oculus Rift S With Five Onboard Cameras Introduced At RM1,619

by Raja IdrisMarch 21, 2019
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At GDC 2019, Oculus has revealed their latest VR headset, the Oculus Rift S where it comes with an upgraded five cameras for inside-out camera tracking.

The previous Oculus Rift VR headset depended on an outside-in tracking system, which relies on external camera to detect glowing lights on the headset and controllers. With the new Rift S, it relies instead on computer algorithms. It uses details from the cameras to determine the headset and controller’s location to distinguish themselves.

In terms of resolution, the Rift S offers from 1080 x 1200 to 1280 x 1440, which is an upgrade. They’ve also changed the display from OLED to LCD.

It comes with a larger field-of-view and it replaces the on-ear headphones from the original with speakers situated near your ears. Though the Rift S comes with somewhat similar minimum PC requirements as the predecessor, you could do with a better CPU.

They’ve announced that the Oculus Rift S will come out in Spring 2019, so we could expect to it soon on the market at the price of $399 (~RM1,619)

Pokdepinion: The price is quite ‘okay’ for a VR headset actually but I don’t think my PC would have the power to fully utilize it.. 

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