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Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro will have a 6.75″ Dynamic AMOLED display

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro will have a 6.75″ Dynamic AMOLED display

by Vyncent ChanApril 16, 2019
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Samsung may have released multiple variants of the Samsung Galaxy S series, but their Note series were only available in one size. The only exception was when they released the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge, where they had two devices in one generation. Apparently, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 is going to have a larger brethren, and instead of it being called the Samsung Galaxy Note10+, it will be the Galaxy Note 10 Pro.

This comes from a tip by @UniverseIce who shared just the name. And nothing else. From what we know, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will come in two sizes, with a 4G and 5G variant each for a total of four variants. With that said, we can also expect Samsung to use a mix of the Snapdragon 855 or Exynos 9820 depending on the region, so there will be more variants of the Samsung Galaxy Note10 than you think.

Samsung Galaxy Note10 Pro will have a 6.75" Dynamic AMOLED display 30

The Samsung Galaxy Note10 is expected to come in with a 6.28″ Dynamic AMOLED panel, while the Galaxy Note10+ will feature a 6.75″ display. The Samsung Galaxy Note10 devices are also expected to come with a quad-camera setup like the one on the Galaxy S10 5G. What else do you think Samsung will cram onto the Galaxy Note10 devices?

Pokdepinion: Samsung has been pricing their devices really well recently, so maybe we can expect the Galaxy Note10 to not break any price records? Maybe the Galaxy Note10 will though…

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