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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears in hands-on video

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip appears in hands-on video

by Vyncent ChanFebruary 3, 2020
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What’s allegedly the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip has appeared in a hands-on video. This is Samsung’s second foldable smartphone and it seems that instead of making a tablet that folds in half like the Samsung Galaxy Fold, this is a real foldable smartphone ala the Moto razr. Unfortunately it seems like it is slightly less functional than the Moto razr.

galaxy z flip

Before unfolding, there seems to be no proper external display. Instead, Samsung seems to have equipped the Galaxy Z Flip with a small OLED panel for notifications and the time. The camera module is a bit more advanced than the Moto razr’s though, as it packs two cameras instead of the razr’s solo camera. The entire package is pretty compact so it might be a hit with the fairer sex, as the original foldable phones were.

samsung galaxy z flip screen

Once unfolded, the long display sports a punch hole, and no chin. As the Moto razr sports a pretty significant chin — yes, I know it’s a throwback to the original razr design — the Galaxy Z Flip might be a better choice for those who prefer a higher screen-to-body ratio. It seems like the crease is also a lot less obvious here than it was on the Galaxy Fold, so maybe Samsung did apply what they learnt with the latter to improve the folding mechanism.

From what I can see, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip should be a bit more affordable than the Galaxy Fold, with it featuring a smaller display,on the inside, no display on the outside and far fewer camera modules. Will Samsung price it as an alternative to the Moto razr which is priced at $1500 (~RM6173) or will they go even lower? Well, with Galaxy Unpacked 2020 happening on 11th February, the reveal isn’t that far off.

Pokdepinion: Maybe there will be a Galaxy Z Flip Plus with an external display?

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