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Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Announced – Here’s What You’re Getting

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Announced – Here’s What You’re Getting

by Aiman MaulanaAugust 9, 2018
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It appears that the Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition pack for Nintendo Switch has also been revealed. What you’re getting here is pretty worth it.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate Limited Edition Announced

There’s definitely a truckload of Super Smash Bros Ultimate news to digest at the moment, with new characters like Simon Belmont, Chrom, and King K. Rool, new information on stages and musicitems, and a secret game mode. In the midst of all these announcements, Nintendo of Europe revealed that a limited edition of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is on the way, and it will include the game, a GameCube controller, and a GameCube controller adapter.

This bundle has only been announced for Europe as of now, with no word yet on a release for other regions such as Japan or the United States. As the GameCube adapter was a rarity during the launch of Super Smash Bros for Wii U, such a bundle would be desirable for fans of the series across the globe.

Putting aside the Gamecube controller and the adapter, you have to admit that having a box with that gorgeous piece of Smash Bros. artwork alone is worth getting it..

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will release exclusively for the Nintendo Switch on 7th December 2018. No word on whether this Limited Edition pack or similar packs will be available in other regions but we will be reporting about it as soon as information becomes available.

Pokdepinion: Oh wow, you get the game, and a Gamecube controller to play the game with. I definitely will be looking to get myself one of these, that’s for sure. Hopefully they’re bringing it to other regions as well.

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