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Thermaltake Casemod Invitational Malaysia Edition

Thermaltake Casemod Invitational Malaysia Edition

by Vyncent ChanApril 25, 2016
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Today I had the opportunity to attend the Thermaltake Casemod Invitational Malaysia Edition, held at Viewnet, Lowyat Plaza. While I am more of a notebook guy now, I couldn’t help but feel the itch to build my own rig as well when I saw these monstrosities that the modders showcased at the venue. I bet you would too if you saw them.


The Grim Reaper

This rig is by the famous Irie Ahmad or “Iren Modz” who is known worldwide for his modded rigs. Today he showcased his latest creation, The Grim Reaper.


The Grim Reaper main structure consists of two modded Thermaltake Core X9s stacked together and the segmented front panel you see here consists of a lot of individual acrylic panels cut and bent to shape. The paint job on these acrylic panels has to be touched for you to admire the effort put into it. You can see the extra space above the thick Thermaltake Pacific RL480 radiator is occupied with a Thermaltake keyboard. The fans are the cool looking Thermaltake Riing fans with the circular lighting.


The left side of the rig features yet another 480 radiator and another 4 Thermaltake Riing fans. This time its a Thermaltake headset and mouse being showcased above the radiator. Irie has managed to showcase not only the Thermaltake liquid cooling parts but also their peripherals in one go.


The motherboard of this rig is by MSI and as you can see here he painted the VRM coolers green as well to suit the green theme of the rig. He even painted the shroud of the coveted Galax GeForce GTX 970 Hall of Fame green. Needless to say, the coolant color of choice is definitely green.



Kylo Ren


Buck Roger” or Khairul is behind this masked rig. However unlike Ben Solo in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it doesn’t need a mask to hide its ugly face, but rather to highlight its uniqueness. Outside it looks pretty simple, as if it was a stock Thermaltake Core X9 as it isn’t stacked together, nor is it cut beyond recognition.


Note that the mask here is not of the usual Toys’R’Us variety but actually hand made.


On the right, the dark side’s red theme is rather common. Once again Thermaltake Riing fans were used liberally. A 240mm radiator is fitted on the lower edge, while the top features 4 Riing fans just for airflow.


Over on the right there is yet another motherboard, complete with its own power supply and water cooling loop! This time the theme is blue, so we have a blue-red thing going on here.

The Kylo Ren is unique in its own way that it manages to fit two watercooled rigs into a single case, testament to the humongous size of the Thermaltake Core X9 chassis. Buck Roger definitely deserves a pat on the back for such a space conserving build! And extra brownie points for being a fellow Star Wars fan!


The Experiment

Mohammad Izzat or “Ijat” said that the other colors were quite mainstream, so he tried to go with an ocher color scheme to see how it looked on a gaming PC. Well, I must say it looked pretty damn awesome.


The Experiment dedicates the entire upper Thermaltake Core X9 to the cooling system with FOUR 480 radiators and a total of FOURTEEN fans.


Peering into the case gives a feeling that I am in an alien spaceship with a lot of tubes running around and some kind of levitation device at the top.


FOUR reservoirs. No less.


He painted the VRM coolers and even the RAM heatsinks to match the ocher color of his mod. I wonder if ocher colored coolant exists… But it will then look like mud flowing through the loop. Scratch that thought.


The motherboard does look a little lonely with all the action going up above..


The Nautilus

If you were a PC enthusiast before this, you surely would have heard the name APES. Well it suffered a sad demise sometime back, but the founder, Afiq Afzainizam “Afiq” is behind a new PC enthusiast company, named Lucro PC. Well with his experience in liquid cooled rigs, he brought us The Nautilus.


The Nautilus is made up of a single modded Thermaltake Core X9 chassis with all acrylic side panels to show off the innards. The radiator and fans are located on the lower deck of the Thermaltake Core X9.


The piping of The Nautilus is extremely neat, and so far is the only rig at the competition to liquid cool both the CPU and GPU.


The Nautilus sure is a flashy rig with a red theme.


One more rig by Aaron Kho or “zennasyndroxx‬” was unable to be completed today due to some difficulties. If I have the opportunity I will surely check out his rig when it is ready!

Project Chell

Aaron Kho’s build is inspired by Portal, thus the two stripes down the middle of the rig.

TT Casemod-90

His rig is a clean white build, with only a single window on the left to admire the goodies within.

TT Casemod-91

The single top mounted radiator is cooled by three Riing fans, which weren’t lit up when I was there to see it. A pity because the Riing fans need to be illuminated to really admire their beauty.

TT Casemod-92

Chell and an SSD from Aperture Laboratory is also packed into the Core X9.

TT Casemod-93

TT Casemod-94

So now we have four custom modded rigs, looking all pretty at Viewnet, Lowyat Plaza. Which do you like the most? Or do you have a mod that you think is even better than the ones here? Let us know in the comments below!



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