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This RPG by Runic Games is Now Free for PC Gamers

This RPG by Runic Games is Now Free for PC Gamers

by Aiman MaulanaJuly 14, 2019
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Torchlight by Runic Games is Now Free for PC Gamers

Have you developed a thirst for a dungeon crawler or role-playing game? Looking to save up as much money as possible? Then we have the solution for you. Torchlight is currently free for PC gamers. However, it is free for a limited time so you will have to act quick.

From today until 18th July 2019. Torchlight is available for free on Epic Games Store. Once you have claimed it, the game is your forever, no subscriptions necessary. If you’re not sure what the game is about, check out the synopsis by Runic Games right below here:

Legions of twisted creatures, emboldened by Ember, have begun to swarm up from the caves below the sleepy enclave of Torchlight. In this critically acclaimed Action-RPG, you’ll choose from three powerful heroes to adventure the depths for endless treasure and glory.

Your adventure is unique, through randomly generated environments with new monsters, treasures, puzzles, and items each time.

Once again, the game will be available for free until 18th July 2019 so be sure to act quick before it’s gone. For an easier time to claim the game, click right here to head straight to the page. Just make sure you have an Epic Game Store account. If you don’t, just go ahead and make one. It’s free after all.

Pokdepinion: It’s a pretty good game if you like the Diablo-style RPG. If you have never tried it, now you have a good reason to since it’s free.

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