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Turn your PC off remotely with Thermaltake PC Off Remote Control

Turn your PC off remotely with Thermaltake PC Off Remote Control

by Vyncent ChanAugust 3, 2016
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While the age old “did I turn off the stove” issue may never be solved, Thermaltake is offering you a way out of the self doubt and paranoia with their latest Thermaltake Toughpower DPS G RGB PSUs. The new PSUs support an PC Off Remote Control app which allows you to shut down your system remotely.

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This nifty function allows you to prevent damage to your valuable hardware in case of an PSU failure. The scheduling also helps you save on your electricity bill by scheduling the PC to shut down after a preset amount of time. Everything within reach on your mobile device. Niceeee.

Thermaltake ToughPower DPS G RGB remote control

When an emergency like the PSU fan failure, PSU thermal event or abnormal voltage levels, the app will notify you regarding the issue and allow you to quickly turn off the system to prevent damage to your hardware. It also supports a scheduled shut down or restart.

SOURCE: Thermaltake


Pokdepinion: Good PSUs rarely fail but yeah this is a nice innovation from Thermaltake to better protect the pricey hardware powered by their high end Toughpower DPS G RGB PSUs. 

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