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Watch Dogs: Legion To Come With NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Support

Watch Dogs: Legion To Come With NVIDIA RTX Ray Tracing Support

by Raja IdrisJune 12, 2019
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If you watched this year’s E3, you’d know that Watch Dogs: Legion will be making its way to gamers soon. It seems that NVIDIA as well as Ubisoft has partnered up where they have announced that NVIDIA GeForce RTX is the official graphics platform for the game.

The game will use real-time ray tracing and other advanced NVIDIA gaming technologies to create stunning visuals in the highly anticipated third installment of the Watch Dogs franchise. With Watch Dogs: Legion, it delivers a new gameplay innovation that allows you to recruit and play as anyone you see in the iconic city of London. Yeah, you read that right, you are able to play as every single character in the open world game.

Every character will have a backstory, personality, as well as skill sets that will help you personalize your very own team. The game allows you to join forces with your friends in a mission to take back the city. You can team up to a team of four and participate in co-op missions as well as end-game challenges and daily events.

To learn more on the game, you can check out our E3 2019 coverage of Watch Dogs: Legion.

Pokdepinion: It’ll be intriguing how smooth the game will be. Seeing how you’ll be able to play as anyone in an open world game, the game is sure to be huge. I can’t wait to see how pretty the graphics will be too!

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