Xiaomi Mi MIX — a concept device you can actually buy

Vyncent Chan
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Xiaomi Mi MIX — a concept device you can actually buy

Usually concept designs are outlandish and feature technology that are currently unviable. Well, the Xiaomi Mi MIX crams a few of those fancy technologies into a single device, the Xiaomi Mi MIX.


The most apparent difference over the current crop of smartphones is a edgeless, custom 6.4″ 2040 x 1080 with rounded corners display on the front. The screen takes up a whopping 91.3% of the front panel, easily being among the top in the screen-to-body ratio charts. But that’s not all that is great about the display. The display is also has a unique 17:9 aspect ratio, ensuring that the on-screen buttons do not get in the way of the true 16:9 viewing area. By comparison, most current devices which feature a 16:9 display only offers a 15:9 viewing area. And yeah, this is the first time Xiaomi goes with an on-screen button configuration instead of the usual capacitive keys in Xiaomi devices.


And since the display takes up most of the front area already, a lot of things that usually take up area on the front bezel like the proximity sensor, call speaker and front camera will lose their home. Xiaomi has brilliantly used a piezoelectric ceramic driver to replace the usual call speaker and an ultrasonic proximity sensor, both of which work through the display. The front camera is also 50% smaller than normal, and will be crammed into the lower bezel, which is the only area on the front of the Mi MIX which isn’t part of the display.


The Xiaomi Mi MIX also marks the Chinese company’s second foray using ceramic in their devices, with the first being the highest end variant of the Xiaomi Mi 5. This time they are taking it up a notch, as the Mi MIX will feature a ceramic back, ceramnic frame AND ceramic buttons. Essentially aside from the glass on the front, you will be touching nothing other than ceramic with the Mi MIX. What makes this even more impressive is that everything will be held together by seamless mortise and tenon joints, with no glue involved.


The Xiaomi Mi MIX will be powered by a Snapdragon 821 under the hood, paired to 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and 128GB of UFS 2.0 storage. HD audio comes standard. What is most impressive about this little spec sheet is that Xiaomi managed to cram a 4400 mAh battery in that sleek ceramic body, with Quick Charge 3.0, no less.


If that isn’t impressive enough for you, the Mi MIX comes in an even more impressive variant, with 18K gold rims around the camera and fingerprint sensor. This variant will of course be pricier, but you won’t be paying extra just for that bling as it features higher specifications as well. This variant will also come with more RAM and storage. 6GB RAM and 256GB of storage, to be exact.


Pricing wise, the standard Mi MIX will cost RMB 3499 (~RM2144) while the premium version with 18K gold will be priced at RMB 3999 (~RM2451).


Pokdepinion: The Xiaomi Mi MIX looks really attractive. The pricing is also great. If it arrives here even with slightly higher pricing, I am sure that it will be the flagship killer we are all waiting for. Especially with this year’s most awaited flagship up in flames.

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