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Killer lan Vs Intel Lan

Killer lan Vs Intel Lan

by May 7, 2014
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Before we start , let me tell you the purpose of this Killer Lan vs Intel Lan review , we want to see what is the different between Intel lan and Killer Lan chip and which one is the best between these two , and is it true or not that Killer Lan can give a better latency in gaming?
this is not a control test , so the result may be varies on different setup . This test will give you a general look of what Killer Lan can give , and i want you to know that im doing this test as a normal user that does not required a specific setup to maximize the network performance , basically a user who love Plug’n’Play (PnP)

This test not a very complex test , just a simple benchmark using Network Benchmark tools such as Jperf , LanBench and Lan Speed Test (Lite)

test setup


Client Spec

Intel Chip (ASUS Z87 – PLUS 1150)

client spec 2

Killer Lan Chip (ASROCK Z87 FATAL1TY 1150)

client spec

Benchmark Tools

All the test is based on Client to Server throughput result
everything was updated to the latest bios and drivers


Test Result

Jperf 2.0.2

Intel Lan Chip

Jperf Intel Lan

z87 2 parallel

Killer Lan Chip

Jperf Killer Lan

killer 2 parallel

Jperf 2.0.2

Single Parallel Stream
Intel chip = 746Mbits/s
Killer chip = 902Mbits/s

Multiple Parallel Stream

Intel chip = 934Mbits/s
Killer chip = 938Mbits/s

For this test im using default setting of jperf but I only change the output info into Mbits instead of Kbits
I did multiple test on both chip , it seem Killer chip has a better throughput for single and multiple parallel stream .

Lan Bench

Intel Lan Chip

LB client to server

Killer Lan Chip

Killer lan client to server


Intel chip = 768Mbits/s
killer chip = 900Mbits/s (win)

For lan bench the setting im using Packet size 2048KB , duration test 20sec and send only . it seem Killer chip has a better throughput on this test .

Lan Speed Test (Lite)

Intel Lan Chip

Lan Speed Test Intel


Killer Lan Chip

Lan speed test Killer


Lan Speed Test

Intel chip = 571Mbits/s (read) / 458Mbits/s (write)
Killer chip = 623Mbits/s (read) / 441Mbits/s (write)

For Lan Speed Test software it will create a dummy file then it will upload it to the target location and it will download it back
I did not expect this test will be close to 1Gbits because of the server is using HDD .
Judging from the result it both of the chip getting around 500>700Mbits that is equal around to 50MBytes to 70MBytes

LAN File Transfer (3.85GB rar file)

Intel Lan Chip

Intel file transfer


Killer Lan Chip

Lan Transfer Killer


Client to Server

Intel chip = 52MB/s (55MB/s peak)
Killer chip = 45MB/s (53MB/s peak)

Average rate for Intel chip is 52MB/s and Killer chip is 45MB/s

Server To Client

Intel Lan Chip

server to client intel


Killer Lan Chip

file transfer server to client Killer

Lets a take a look if both client and server were using SSD , Server to Client Lan Transfer rate will close to 1Gbits/s = 128MBytes/s
and the result from server to client test :-
Intel chip = 108MB/s
Killer chip = 107MB/s


Judging from the result of course Killer Lan has the advantage here but the last result of the .rar File Transfer intel has no problem doing its job ,

Which one is better? , honestly to me if a motherboard that have Killer Lan Chip and cost more than standard Intel Lan Chip on it , i would stick to standard Intel Lan Chip and invest on a router that have a good QoS feature for more control over the network .

on the next post i will review about the Killer Network Manager software , it is good? bad? or just simply a marketing tool .

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