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Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E review
Bronze Pokdeward

Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E review

by January 29, 2016

+ Affordable price tag
+ Ambidextrous shape
+ Lightweight
+ RGB lighting for scroll wheel
+ Tactile buttons
+ Driver software offers tons of features
+ Tracks well on almost any mousepad


- Confusing Acceleration setting in drivers
- Sensor performance left me wanting

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For a RM79 gaming mouse, I don't think there is much more you can ask for.

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Tesoro peripherals are quite famous for their affordable price tag and great features. The most popular one is their Tesoro Excalibur Spectrum which offers RGB lighting for only RM399. Today we are going to have a look at the Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E gaming mouse from Tesoro, which comes with a RRP of only RM99 but can currently be had for only RM79 during its introductory promotion period.



Tesoro Sharur Lite-1

The Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E’s packaging is simple yet effective. You get a molded clear plastic cover over the mouse so you can get a feel of what it feels like and you can see some of the major specifications on the side.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-1-2

The rear proudly shows off the features of the mouse.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-2

This is all you get in the package. The mouse, user manual and an information leaflet which details the other peripherals in Tesoro’s line-up.



The Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E definitely shares the genes for good looks from its pricier brethen. It features a ambidextrous form factor, which should please both the right-handers and southpaws among gamers out there.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-1-3The Shahrur Lite H3E features a rubber coated top with the logo printed on its rear end. Due to its ambidextrous shape, it features rubber grips and one side button each on both sides. There is a glossy strip of plastic than runs from the side button to the underside of the mouse for even more visual appeal.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-7

Apparently the most important feature to have in a gaming mouse nowadays is RGB lighting, and the Sharur Lite H3E does not disappoint as its scroll wheel has translucent sides for the lighting to emanate out.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-5

Flip the mouse over, and you see two generously-sized PTFE glides on the top and bottom end of the mouse, the optical sensor and the label. The feet looks rather thin here, but they work perfectly fine. The LED used for the optical sensor here glows red, a rare sight in gaming mice nowadays that often feature the more popular infrared LEDs. The color of the LED doesn’t affect performance in any way though.

Tesoro Sharur Lite-3

The stress relief on the mouse end is long and the cable is also sleeved. This bodes well for durability. The gold plated USB connector is pretty surprising to find in this price range. There is the usual ferrite core near the USB connector end to reduce any unwanted electrical interference.



Body material Rubber coated shell, moulded rubber grips
Sensor Unspecified 2000 DPI optical sensor
DPI 400/1000/1200/1500/2000
USB report rate 1000 Hz
Switch type Unspecified switches, rated for 10 million clicks
Microprocessor Full speed processor with 1000 Hz polling rate
Cable 2.0 m, braided
Weight 89 g
Included accessories User manual
Information leaflet


User Experience

The mice is usable immediately after plugging it in, but the drivers available on their website is necessary to take full advantage of this mouse,

Sharur Lite driver (3)

The driver is feature-rich, with the ability to reassign any button on the mouse to a new function, and even set the button assignments to change according to the program open. You can configure 5 profiles with different button assignments, sensitivity and lighting effects.

Sharur Lite driver (4)

There is a very confusing Acceleration slider bar which does control acceleration actually, but if set to 0 the mouse doesn’t want to move. Gamers will most probably find out about this the hard way as they will definitely try to remove acceleration on their gaming mice.  I do wish for more DPI steps or at least more evenly distributed steps, as the DPI jumps from its lowest DPI setting of 400 to 1000, before going on to 1200, 1500 and 2000. The huge gap between 400 and 1000 seems to beg for a intermediate DPI setting in between.

Sharur Lite driver (1)

The setting for the RGB lighting is pretty complete, with a choice of several effects. My personal favorite is Rainbow as it cycles through every color in its spectrum. Loop pulses through every color in its spectrum, Breathing is self-explanatory and TESORO Purple may be for true fans of the brand.

Sharur Lite driver (2)

Macro programming is simple and straightforward. After recording a macro, you just have to assign it to a button and you are set. You can even program mouse movement into your macro.

Sharur grip

The Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E is pretty compact, and using a fingertip grip on it is preferable for me. As you can see on the above image, my ring and pinky finger are not that well supported, both due to its small size and ambidextrous shape. The rubber coating on the top and rubber grips on the sides make it really comfortable to hold. The weight is also on the light side and offers no weight tuning options. I found the side button on the right does get in the way of my pinky finger every once in a while, and I have also accidentally actuated it more than once. The switches used for the 6 buttons in this mouse are undisclosed but are also quite tactile and offer a audible click when pressed. The big Teflon mouse feet on this mouse allows for smooth mouse movement. Tracking is good on both my Razer Goliathus and Ducky Flipper mousepads. I did find the mouse to be slightly inaccurate compared to the other mice I have used, though.



The Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E is an okay gaming mouse that will not break the bank. The performance offered may not be the best out there but the comfort and features offered via the drivers are commendable for its price. For a RM79 gaming mouse, I don’t think there is much more you can ask for.



We express our thanks to Tesoro Malaysia for lending us the Tesoro Sharur Lite H3E review sample.

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  • Akira Satsujinki
    March 9, 2016 at 11:31 pm

    I don’t know if this is true, but one site in the Phillipines stated they used AVAGO 5050 sensor, which is not even designed for gaming :o

    • Vyncent Chan
      March 9, 2016 at 11:38 pm

      That’s the Sharur Spectrum H3L with the Avago 5050, which sports a higher 4000 DPI sensitivity. I haven’t tried that mouse yet, so I will reserve my comments for now.

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