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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Still Laggy But Better
Silver Pokdeward

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Still Laggy But Better

by July 23, 2022

For a reasonable price, you can get the Xiaomi Smart Band 7 which offers all-day heart rate monitoring and stress monitoring, step counting, high-accuracy sleep monitoring, and continuous blood oxygen saturation monitoring.






+ Larger AMOLED display
+ Quick reply feature
+ Notifications are more detailed
+ Magnetic charging port
+ Excellent battery life
+ Affordable


- No built-in GPS
- No privacy settings for messages
- Slightly inaccurate fitness tracking
- Animation is still laggy

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Excellent upgrades for those who are still using the Mi Band 5 and before, however lacks improvements from the Mi Band 6.

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Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review - Still Laggy But Better – Pokde.Net
Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review - Still Laggy But Better 34

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7 comes with all the basic health features that you might need. Check out our review and see if this watch is for you!

Product Brand: Xiaomi

Product Currency: RM

Product Price: 199

Price Valid Until: 2022-07-24

Product In-Stock: InStock

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Unboxing the Xiaomi Smart Band 7

Xiaomi Smartband 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Packaging and watch

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7, also widely known as the Mi Band 7, comes in a packaging similar to its previous models. Therefore, those who had the previous generation fitness band from Xiaomi would be familiar.

Xiaomi Smartband 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Box Content (Excluding the magnetic charger)

Inside the box, you can find the following items:

  • Xiaomi Smart Band 7
  • TPU strap x1
  • User guide
  • Magnetic charging dock


Display 1.62” AMOLED high-resolution display
326 PPI
Up to 500 nits (Adjustable)
Water resistance 5ATM
Sensors PPG heart rate sensor
6-axis sensor
Low power-consumption 3-axis accelerometer
3-axis gyroscope
Health Features
Heart rate monitoring
SpO₂ tracking
Sleep tracking (deep sleep, light sleep, REM and naps)
Sleep breathing quality tracking
Female health tracking
Stress monitoring, breathing exercises
PAI (Personal Activity Intelligence)
Connectivity and compatibility Mi Fitness app
Bluetooth 5.2/BLE
Android 6.0 and above
iOS 10.0 and above
Battery 180mAh
Charging type: magnetic charging
Charging time: ≤2 hours
Typical usage: ≥14 days
Heavy usage: ≥9 days
Weight 13.5g

The Good

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Zepp Life (previously MiFit app)

To fully utilize the Mi Band 7, you can download the Zepp Life app. Anyone who has used the previous Mi Band will be familiar with the app, which has been updated to properly support the latest Mi Band.

The Mi Band 7 features a larger screen with a 1.62″AMOLED high-resolution display which is a really nice upgrade from the previous models. Another new display feature is the always-on display, which is customizable. However, it did consume a significant amount of battery with an approximate 20% extra battery consumption per day.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Quick reply feature

Another feature that was functional for my everyday use is the Quick Reply feature, where I can reply to any message instantly. Not only that, I can use the Zepp Life app to customize any messages that are convenient for me and rearrange them in the order that I want.

Despite Xiaomi stating that the watch lasts for 9 days on heavy usage, I only managed to use it for 7 days before the watch told me to recharge it. However, having to last for a week is considered pretty decent. Charging the device is a breeze as all I have to do is connect it to its magnetic charging port and leave it for approximately one and a half hours.

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The Bad

The one feature that I wish for the Mi Band 7 to have is built-in GPS. This was so that I would have the luxury of not carrying my smartphone out whenever I am out for a walk or jog to record my route.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – Pool Swimming Workout

Furthermore, when trying out the pool swimming workout mode, the results data is slightly inaccurate as they counted the number of strokes and laps incorrectly. This isn’t a huge problem as it still presented me with helpful information about the workout.

A minor issue that I faced was that when my message alerts pop up on the screen, the entirety of the message content can be seen. This can be slightly uncomfortable for some privacy-concerned people if you receive sensitive information and others could see it. Hopefully, Xiaomi will give us the option to choose what appears on the screen, similar to that of privacy settings.

One thing that I noticed since the Mi Band 4 is that the animation on the watch is always laggy. The Mi Band 7 did have some improvements as the animation is slightly smoother and less delayed but it is still an issue that is present in this new model.

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Verdict

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review

Xiaomi Smart Band 7 Review – The fitness band

The Xiaomi Smart Band 7, priced at RM199, is really affordable for a fitness band that comes with all the necessary health features along with great customizations.

To those who have already owned the Mi Band 6, the Mi Band 7 has only some slight improvement and I think you can skip this one out but whoever is contemplating a new fitness band or owns a Mi Band 5 and older models, you can get consider getting this fitness watch.

At the end of our Xiaomi Smart Band 7 review, I award this fitness band with a Silver Pokdeaward.


Big thanks to Xiaomi Malaysia for sending us this fitness band for the purpose of this review.

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