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TSMC accelerates development of 2nm process node

TSMC accelerates development of 2nm process node

by Vyncent ChanJune 9, 2020
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TSMC has announced that they will be bringing 5nm in Q4 2020, and their 3nm process node is set to enter mass production late next year, but they aren’t planning on slowing down yet. They have reportedly invested a huge chunk of money to fast track the development of the 2nm process node too.

TSMC has recently obtained two new expensive Extreme Ultraviolet (EUV) lithography machines to kickstart the development process for 2nm. TSMC has an R&D budget of $16 billion, and it seems that they are using it well. Looking at their cadence, TSMC should be revealing more about 2nm by early next year.

The new $12 billion factory TSMC is going to set up in the US is going to churn out 5nm chips by 2024, which should look utterly outdated by the time production starts, looking at the rate TSMC is developing cutting-edge manufacturing processes. With that said, there should be plenty of clients who will prefer a more affordable process node to produce their budget-oriented chips.


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