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The JOI® Smartboard enables collaborative learning in Smart Classrooms

The JOI® Smartboard enables collaborative learning in Smart Classrooms

by Vyncent ChanJune 12, 2020
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During these trying times, schools are closed but learning must still continue. This illustrates the importance of advancing our education infrastructure, as learning should not be restricted to the confines of a classroom. That’s what the JOI® Smart Classroom ecosystem is designed for, to expand the horizons of a classroom beyond just the four walls of a classroom.

At the core of the ecosystem is the JOI® Smart Classroom is the JOI® Smartboard powered by Intel®.  With the JOI® Smartboard, educators can now interact with students in the classroom or from any location. Content on the JOI® Smartboard can be seamlessly streamed to any location while educators can add annotations on-the-fly to highlight important points or add in additional information of the content presented.

The JOI® Smartboard enables collaborative learning in Smart Classrooms 27

When schools are finally reopened, the JOI® Smartboard can allow students to learn more interactively by directly interacting with the smart display. There’s support for 20 points of touch, which will allow students to collaborate in groups and help each other absorb the lessons better.

Students can use rich media to convey their ideas, and even draw and write on them to express them better. Educators can take full advantage of these features to create more engaging lesson plans to improve the outcome of the lessons.

Ensuring that the JOI® Smartboard is capable of running any software educators want to use in class is an Intel® Core™ processor. Based on Intel®’s Interactive Flat Panel Display (IFPD) platform, the hardware is integrated with Windows 10 on the JOI® Smartboard to deliver an intuitive and familiar user interface that educators and students can easily use.

In addition to these benefits, students and educators alike can benefit from seamless wireless streaming powered by Intel® on the JOI® Smartboard to enable a more intuitive presentation experience. The smart display supports streaming from not only laptops and tablets but also mobile devices, thus letting students and teachers alike to conduct presentations on the it without worrying about cables or dongles.

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For more information about the JOI® Smartboard, head on over to the following link here, or contact any of these PICs to find out more about JOI®’s products:

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