Apple’s Upcoming Event: Brace Yourselves for “Scary Fast” Macs

Aiman Maulana
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Halloween may be right around the corner, but Apple has a treat for tech enthusiasts that’s set to arrive a day earlier. The tech giant has officially announced its upcoming launch event on October 30, and the company couldn’t resist a bit of thematic wordplay, dubbing the event “Scary Fast.” With the tagline suggesting lightning-speed advancements, Apple is gearing up to unveil some exciting new Mac products.

New Apple Event: Scary Fast

Apple's Upcoming Event: Brace Yourselves for "Scary Fast" Macs

The event is scheduled for Monday, October 30, and it promises to be a Halloween eve to remember for Apple fans. With the event set to kick off at 5:00 pm PT, here’s a quick conversion for those in different time zones:

  • New York: 8PM
  • London: 1AM (October 31)
  • Paris and Berlin: 2AM (October 31)
  • India: 5:30AM (October 31)
  • Malaysia / Singapore: 8AM (October 31)

What to Expect

Apple's Upcoming Event: Brace Yourselves for "Scary Fast" Macs 5

Apple has been keeping its cards close to its chest, but the rumor mill has been working overtime to give us a glimpse of what to anticipate. In all likelihood, we can expect the unveiling of a refreshed 24″ iMac and a brand-new MacBook Pro. If history is any indication, the MacBook Pro is likely to come in two sizes, with 14″ and 16″ variants.

One of the most exciting prospects for these new Macs is the chip that will power them. Apple’s M3 chip is expected to take center stage, and it’s where the event’s “Scary Fast” tagline comes into play. Apple’s silicon has been making waves for its impressive performance, and it’s safe to say that the upcoming Macs will carry that legacy forward.

The transition to Apple’s in-house silicon has been a game-changer, and each iteration of the M-series chips has pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in computing. With the M3 chip in the pipeline, we can expect even faster processing speeds, enhanced efficiency, and a host of new features that are bound to excite Mac users. So mark your calendars for October 30, and get ready to witness the future of Mac computing unfold.


Pokdepinion: While the specifics remain shrouded in secrecy until the event, one thing is for sure—Apple’s dedication to innovation and performance shows no signs of waning. As the “Scary Fast” Macs make their debut, we’ll be in for a treat that goes beyond Halloween candy. Apple’s commitment to redefining the computing experience continues to thrill and inspire, and this event is sure to be another milestone in the company’s journey towards excellence. 

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