NVIDIA “Blackwell” RTX 50 GPUs Specs Leaked, Uses GDDR7

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NVIDIA “Blackwell” RTX 50 GPUs Specs Leaked, Uses GDDR7

Serial leaker @kopite7kimi is back with more leaks – this time, the leaker has uncovered what is likely the full lineup of Blackwell silicon variants (sans GB200 for datacenter, which is already in production) ranging from the entry-level GB207 to the super-sized GB202 with massive numbers attached to it.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 50 Lineup Surfaced

The leaker has laid out some numbers, and you’ll have to warm yourself up with some multiplication quizzes for this one. Starting with the biggest chip, the GB202 will feature 12 GPCs (graphics processing clusters) and 8 TPCs (texture processing clusters) per GPC, resulting in a total of 192 SMs (streaming multiprocessors), assuming each TPC contains two SMs. This die will be paired with a 512-bit wide memory bus, which is a rarity among consumer GPUs.

NVIDIA Blackwell RTX 50 GPUs Specs Leaked, Uses GDDR7

NVIDIA Blackwell RTX 50 GPUs Specs Leaked, Uses GDDR7

This doesn’t mean NVIDIA may use the full die for what would eventually be the RTX 5090, as yield issues can force the chipmaker to lower the targets with a slightly more cut-down chip (such as RTX 3090). One interesting fact here, however, is the relative size to its next smaller chip, the GB203: the GB202 is more than double the core count, and double the memory bus width. Any performance comparisons between the two silicon will likely show a gap so large that they’re not even on the same segment.

Down below, you have GB205, GB206, and GB207 with 50, 36, and 20 SMs respectively – these chips actually come with less SMs than the Ada Lovelace equivalent, with both GB205 and GB207 losing 17% the core count over AD104 (GB205’s apparent predecessor) and AD107 respectively. Meanwhile, GB206 maintained the same core count as the AD106. With the exception of GB207 models, all Blackwell GPUs are set to use GDDR7 memory.

Source: Videocardz

NVIDIA is expected to at least announce the RTX 50 series “Blackwell” GPUs by the end of this year, with retail launch expected early next year.

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