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Touch ‘n Go GO+ Fund Now Shariah-compliant

Touch ‘n Go GO+ Fund Now Shariah-compliant

by Raja IdrisAugust 18, 2021
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Touch ‘n Go has recently announced that Principal e-Cash Fund, the underlying fund for Touch ‘n Go’s GO+ is now shariah-compliant.

Touch ‘n Go GO+ now shariah-compliant

Touch 'n Go GO+

The news means that the GO+ fund is Malaysia’s first shariah-compliant eWallet product. With it, users can gain access to money market investments for as low as RM10 and earn the same potential return on daily basis while being abel to use the funds for all transactions over its eWallet.

GO+ was launched back in March 2021 as the company’s first step into digital financial services. The company claims that the platform has surpassed 1.2 million users. It is available for users who are Malaysian citizens above 18 years old.

Do check out our previous article to find out more about GO+. For more of the latest tech and gaming news plus reviews, stay tuned to Pokde.net.

Pokdepinion: I was a bit reluctant to use the service back when it was launched. Seeing how they’ve cleared things up, I guess it’s fine to jump in now. 

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