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Celcom MEGA gets new data passes and Unlimited Family Line

Celcom MEGA gets new data passes and Unlimited Family Line

by Vyncent ChanApril 30, 2021
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Celcom announced new additions to their Celcom Mega Postpaid data passes which allow you to customize your plan to your needs. You now get the option to opt for the new M Plus and L Plus passes, which are available for both the Unlimited and Lightning flavors.

New M Plus and L Plus passes

The new Unlimited M Plus pass costs RM48/month, RM30 more than the existing Unlimited M pass. It offers an extra 10GB of hotspot quota, for a total of 20GB. The speed cap has also been increased to 15Mbps, up from 10Mbps. Meanwhile the Unlimited L Plus is priced at RM78/month, with a speed cap of 20Mbps and a monthly hotspot quota of 30GB.

Celcom Mega new M Plus L Plus passes

If you have a need for speed, the Lightning M Plus pass offers 30GB at RM48/month, while the Lightning L Plus offers 50GB at RM78/month. The Celcom MEGA Lightning passes do not feature a speed cap, but instead tout a quota, so you can choose whether you want fast, uncapped internet, or slower, unlimited data.

Celcom MEGA Unlimited Family Line

Celcom Mega new Family Unlimited Line

Celcom previously offered Celcom MEGA subscribers the option to add supplementary lines for RM40/month with 30GB of quota each. The latest addition sees Celcom offer supplementary lines with unlimited quota for RM40/month. The Unlimited Family Line is capped at 6Mbps, and only has a mere 5GB for hotspot usage. More hotspot data can be added via additional purchases, priced from as low as RM1 for 1GB valid for 24 hours, or 10GB that’s valid for a month at RM10.

All the above are addons to the base Celcom MEGA plan that’s priced at RM80/month with 40GB of quota. You can find out more about the Celcom MEGA personal and family plans here.

Pokdepinion: I think the Unlimited passes are the most worthwhile to get from Celcom.

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