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Digi Juara Internet 2022 brings more quota, more savings and great deals all around!

Digi Juara Internet 2022 brings more quota, more savings and great deals all around!

by Vyncent ChanDecember 1, 2021
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Digi has just announced their new Juara Internet 2022 sale starting today, with something for everyone. Yes, they were quite literal with that, serving up deals for Digi Prepaid, Digi Postpaid, Digi Fibre and Digi Broadband subscribers.

Digi Juara Internet 2022 has something for everyone!

Digi Prepaid – extra free internet and e-vouchers worth RM69!

Digi Juara Internet 2022 Digi Prepaid

Digi Prepaid customers can commit upfront to 3 months of NEXT35 at RM105 to enjoy 90 days of high-speed connectivity, unlimited calls and get a return value worth up to RM189. You will be getting 15GB of Internet for free, RM20 petrol voucher as well as a RM49 Shopee Voucher to save on the Aukey TWS Earbuds (EP-M1). New customers who sign up for the NEXT35 or NEXT45 30-day plans will also get the RM49 Shopee voucher for the Aukey TWS Earbuds!

Digi Postpaid – extra internet, Pakej PowerJimat, PhoneFreedom 365 and GadgetFreedom Plus

Digi Juara Internet 2022 Digi Postpaid 10GB free

New Digi Postpaid 60 customers will receive an extra 10GB of internet quota every month, for a total of 45GB per month, if you sign up for the 12-month Internet contract add-on. This offer will also be available to new Digi Postpaid 90 and 120 as well as Digi Family 30 and 45 customers.

Digi Juara Internet 2022 Pakej PowerJimat

Given the rolling retirement of 3G networks, Digi is also helping everyone upgrade to a 4G-capable smartphone from as low as RM1, with device savings of up to RM500 with Pakej PowerJimat, which also comes with 30GB of high-speed, all-access Internet for a limited time. The Pakej PowerJimat is bundled with Digi Pospaid 60 plan and a 12-month contract. New customers porting in to Pakej PowerJimat will also get to enjoy a zero advance payment plan.


If you plan on upgrading to an even better device, there’s also the PhoneFreedom 365 plans for you. Upgrading to the latest flagship 4G and 5G smartphones can be pretty painless with zero-interest and zero-upfront payment plans with PhoneFreedom 365. The Samsung Galaxy A32 5G and Redmi Note 10 5G can be gotten for just RM1/month. If you have higher ambitions, the iPhone 12 Pro 128GB can be gotten for just RM137/month, and the HUAWEI P40 Pro for just RM90/month on a 2-year contract.

Digi Juara Internet 2022 GadgetFreedom Plus

Digi is also giving postpaid customers the opportunity to purchase their devices without any contract or monthly commitments with GadgetFreedom Plus. Get up to 20% off the regular prices for the latest gadgets by downloading the GadgetFreedom Plus discount vouchers from the MyDigi app monthly!

Digi Fibre – 300Mbps for just RM100/month!

Digi Juara Internet 2022 Digi Fibre

Enjoy greater savings on their Digi Fibre subscription when you pair it with a qualifying Digi Postpaid plan! The Digi Fibre 300Mbps plan will be available for just RM100/month for eligible customers, saving you up to RM50 per month as compared to the usual price of RM150/month!

Mobile Broadband – extra 10GB/month and free 50GB/month or a 4G LTE Mobifi router

Digi Juara Internet 2022 mobile broadband

Customers who subscribe to Digi Broadband 65 and 105 will be enjoying an extra 10GB per month for 12 months on top of the allocated Internet quota. In addition to that, customers who opt for a 12-month contract can choose from two freebies:

  1. Free extra 50GB per month
  2. Free 4G LTE Mobifi router

To enjoy these Juara Internet 2022 deals, customers can go to the nearest Digi Store or check it out online via the Digi Store Online. Alternatively, you can head on over to the following locations to check out the offers at the Juara Internet 2022 roadshows at these locations:

  • Queensbay Mall, Penang (2 to 5 December 2021)
  • IMAGO Shopping Mall, Sabah (16 to 19 December 2021)
  • Vivacity Megamall, Sarawak (24 to 26 December 2021)

You can find out more about Digi’s Juara Internet 2022 here.

Pokdepinion: More data is always welcome. I do look forward to Digi’s 5G plans though!

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