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Now There’s An Easier Way to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10

Now There’s An Easier Way to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10

by Aiman MaulanaJuly 6, 2020
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I’m sure many of you have found yourself in a situation where you have lost some files or deleted them and needed it back. Microsoft is aware of this issue and has added a new tool in Windows 10 for an easier way to recover deleted files, and it’s called Windows File Recovery.

Recover Deleted Files with Windows File Recovery on Windows 10

Now There's An Easier Way to Recover Deleted Files on Windows 10 32

The Windows File Recovery tool lets you recover deleted files on Windows 10. It is said to be capable of use with corrupted data and SD cards. The tool has support for a large number of documents and multimedia formats. It even has support for exFAT, FAT, NTFS, and ReFS file systems.

According to Microsoft:

Use this app to try to recover lost files that have been deleted from your local storage device (including internal drives, external drives, and USB devices) and can’t be restored from the Recycle Bin. Recovery on cloud storage and network file shares is not supported.

Windows File Recovery is compatible with Windows 10 Build 19041. Here’s how you can use the tool:

How to Use Windows File Recovery

  • Download and install it from the Microsoft Store
  • Run the app (either by clicking on the icon or looking it up on the search field)
  • Grant the necessary permissions for the app
  • In the Command Prompt window that pops up, type in “winfr source-drive: destination-drive: [/switches]”. It should look something like “winfr C: D:\RecoveryDestination /x /y:PDF,JPEG”
  • Users can make use of the following modes: Signature (/r), Default, and Segment (/x).
  • The source and destination drives should be different to complete the task
  • Windows File Recovery will the generate a recovery folder on the destination drive

If you need to recover some lost files, this might just be something to try. Hopefully the guide above will help you with that.


Pokdepinion: This is a pretty neat addition. I’m still wondering how effective it is as I’m sure it has its limitations.

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