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Google Will Soon Only Send You Gmail Notifications On One Device

Google Will Soon Only Send You Gmail Notifications On One Device

by Raja IdrisFebruary 18, 2022
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You have your Gmail opened up on your PC and then you received an email. Both your PC and smartphone makes a sound alerting you of the email. Does it annoy you? Well thankfully, Google seem to be working on a solution just for that.

Google to stop multiple Gmail notification

Google Gmail notifications

The feature is in its testing phase but it works as you see in the image above. Once you’ve opened up Gmail in a browser, you will receive a notification asking on whether you’d agree to the setting.

They will only need you to approve of it once and it will then ask you to give the usual permissions. After all of that is done, your browser will then automatically shut off all your Gmail notifications on mobile while you’re on the browser. It will return to normal if you’ve exited the app or when it detects that you’re not active.

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Pokdepinion: This is something that annoys me, especially as I have a handful of devices to review. Thank god the feature’s coming!

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