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Xbox One sees price cuts as Xbox One S looms around the corner

Xbox One sees price cuts as Xbox One S looms around the corner

by Vyncent ChanJuly 25, 2016
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I believe most of our readers are PC enthusiasts, but maybe news of Microsoft not giving the PC MasterRace all their Xbox exclusives may drive some to get an Xbox One simply to play their favorite exclusive title. Well, there may be no better time as Microsoft is slashing the price of the Xbox One to $249, as the upgraded Xbox One S will arrive come 2nd August.

Xbox One 249

Microsoft seems to really want to clear out its inventory of the 500GB Xbox One, even offering the Special Edition Quantum Break bundle with white console, and the Name your Game bundle too for $249. Microsoft assures Xbox One owners that the their consoles will still support upcoming Xbox games even after the Xbox One S is out, so unless you need the HDR gaming or 4K upscaling, then you should be just fine with the older console.

Xbox One S

If you do, the Xbox One S 2TB will go for $399 on 2nd August. It will feature a new case that is 40% smaller and yet manage to fit the power brick internally, as well as a slightly tweaked controller. There will be a more affordable version going for $299 later, with only 500GB of storage.


Pokdepinion: I think the older Xbox One seems to be a much better deal than the upcoming Xbox One S, as it can pretty much do everything the Xbox One S can, and even supports the Kinect natively. However ever the tech enthusiasts, I would still advise holding out till the HDR visuals are compared against the older console’s graphics before spending on any of this. And of course, there is the Xbox Scorpio further down the line…

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