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Sony and Honda Collaborate on 3 Upcoming EV Models

Sony and Honda Collaborate on 3 Upcoming EV Models

by Aiman MaulanaFebruary 21, 2024
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In a strategic partnership, Sony Group and Honda Motor are set to launch three electric vehicle (EV) models by the late 2020s, marking their entry into the competitive global EV market.

Sony and Honda Working Together on 3 EV Models

Sony and Honda Working Together on 3 EV Models

Under the joint venture, Sony Honda Mobility plans to unveil a sedan in 2025, followed by an SUV in 2027 and an “affordable” compact in 2028 or beyond. These models are poised to compete with Tesla in the U.S. market.

Previously, it was announced that the sedan EV would be introduced under the Afeela brand. However, recent revelations indicate the inclusion of two additional models in the lineup. SUVs, known for their spacious interiors, will feature enhanced entertainment options such as stereo speaker systems and video monitors.

To streamline development and reduce costs, the three models will share the same chassis. Sony Honda Mobility aims to fortify its development structure, doubling its workforce to around 500 employees, with the intention of expediting the expansion of its product lineup.

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The compact model, potentially comparable in size to popular vehicles like the Toyota Corolla and Volkswagen Golf, is anticipated to share components with Honda’s independently developed EVs. By omitting certain features, the compact aims to maintain affordability. The decision to diversify the lineup reflects the evolving EV market dynamics. While Tesla dominated in the 2010s, the 2020s witnessed the entry of competitors from China, Germany, and South Korea, challenging Tesla’s market dominance.

Sony Honda Mobility aims to distinguish the Afeela brand by delivering affordable added value amid intensifying low-price competition in the EV market. The Afeela Sedan, positioned as a “high-value-added EV,” is projected to have a price tag exceeding 10 million yen ($66,413).

As the EV market anticipates steady growth in the mid to long term, with sales expected to rise from 10.8 million in 2023 to 36.37 million by 2030, Sony Honda Mobility remains committed to innovation. The joint venture is not only focused on EVs but is also developing in-car gaming experiences using advanced computer graphics technology from Epic Games. Stay tuned for more updates as Sony and Honda venture into the dynamic landscape of electric mobility.


Pokdepinion: Whatever they end up making and however late it launches, I really hope it arrives in Malaysia one way or another. It would certainly be very exciting.

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