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ColorOS 12 Hands-on

ColorOS 12 Hands-on

by Raja IdrisOctober 18, 2021
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We were given the opportunity to test out the latest Android skin from OPPO, the ColorOS 12. If you’re wondering what it offers, then you’ve come to the right place.

OPPO ColorOS 12

Always-on display

ColorOS 12 AOD

The new update sees a bit of change with OPPO’s Always-On Display, now in the 2nd edition. It brings customization to your fingertips such as Custom, Text, Text and Image, and my favorite, Portrait Silhouette.  There’s definitely a fair bit of personalization that can be done here.

There has also been an update to the live animation, where they call it the Quantum Animation Engine 3.0. Thanks to it, screen scrolling feels smoother and provide you with a more satisfying feedback.

Wallpaper themes

ColorOS 12 Hands-on 26

There’s the new ‘wallpaper-based theming system’ where it allows the device to detect your wallpaper’s colour scheme and then apply it to the entire phone. Personally, I don’t fancy the feature that much but hey, you might like it. You can even customize the colour scheme to your liking as well.

Battery management

ColorOS 12 Hands-on 27

Another update they’ve brought with ColorOS 12 is the battery management. With it, you get a clear view of your power usage and what exactly has been consuming the phone’s battery. This isn’t exactly new in the Android world but of course, it’s nice to see its arrival.

Battery optimization

ColorOS 12 Hands-on 28

Talking about battery even further, they’ve also added the one-tap power saving feature. Again, it’s not exactly new but always welcomed. It lets you to disable background apps, high performance mode, 5G, and 120Hz/90Hz refresh rate to name a few. Adding to that, ColorOS12 notifies you when the device detects a sudden notable power consumption.


ColorOS 12 Hands-on 29Of course with the new update, they would adhere to the privacy features that Android 12 comes with. You can choose to provide apps with only your approximate location to protect your privacy while still be able to use the apps. Apps also would need permission from you in order to use the device’s microphone and camera.

Other features

ColorOS 12 Hands-on 30

The new update also bring features such as PC Connect, Colour Contrast, and Anti-Peeping Notification. Unfortunately at the time of writing, our device wasn’t updated with them. Personally, I feel that the PC Connect feature would come in handy and makes for a seamless experience between mobile and PC. Should we be able to test it out, we will surely update accordingly.

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