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Huawei Unveils Inaugural XMAGE Global Exhibition In Malaysia

Huawei Unveils Inaugural XMAGE Global Exhibition In Malaysia

by Low Boon ShenMay 24, 2024
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Huawei Unveils Inaugural XMAGE Global Exhibition In Malaysia

Huawei Unveils Inaugural XMAGE Global Exhibition

Huawei launched its first HUAWEI XMAGE Global Exhibition, “A Heartwarming World – 12 Years of Huawei Photography,” on May 23, 2024, at the Sentul Glass Pavilion in Kuala Lumpur. This is the largest photography exhibition the Chinese smartphone has held thus far; the event also marked the launch of the HUAWEI XMAGE Awards 2024, an annual competition now in its eighth consecutive year.

Nearly 300 photographs taken with Huawei smartphones was selected from millions of submissions, which aims to showcase moments of “warmth, tranquility, and brightness” – it emphasizes Huawei’s new brand philosophy, ‘The Power of Image,’ promoting creativity and appreciation through advanced imaging technologies. The exhibition showcases works from Huawei’s smartphones in the past 12 years, as the company introduced various imaging innovations along the way.

“Photography is a universal language, transcending barriers to capture beauty and inspire meaningful conversations,” Mr. Li Changzhu, Vice President of Handsets Product Line, Huawei Consumer Business Group shared during the opening ceremony. “XMAGE is a global platform that encourages users around the world to shoot, share, and record life, inspiring them to express their emotions and enjoy the fun of photography.”

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As part of the event, HUAWEI is also showcasing its latest flagship – the now-rebranded HUAWEI Pura 70 Series. The rebrand was the effort of which the company “restarts with a new attitude”, while standing on the legacy of the HUAWEI P series lineage. 

The exhibition explores six different categories: “The Secrets of Mother Nature,” “Landscapes and Spaces,” “A Dialogue with Animals,” “You and Me,” “The Power of Moments,” and “The World of Youth.” It is now available for on-site visitors during 23-24 May 2024, while exceptional works will be selected and displayed across Huawei’s social media platforms – so be sure to take a look. 

Pokdepinion: Smartphone cameras has changed a lot in the past 12 years, that’s for sure.

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