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Removable Cameras The Future For Smartphones?

Removable Cameras The Future For Smartphones?

by Raja IdrisJune 4, 2020
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With smartphones these days packing plenty of camera lens, the bumps can be annoying to some. Most of us would prefer our device to lie flat on any surface and not slide away. What if we could actually remove the cameras to do so? Well that’s exactly what a design firm has envisioned.

Removable camera modules

Removable Cameras The Future For Smartphones? 28
Designed by Yanko Design

The idea came from Yanko Design where they’ve rendered the concept image of the Mosaic device. It is a smartphone camera module that you can detach from its body.

This becomes handy should the camera bump is too big and you don’t feel safe in putting your smartphone into your pockets. It could also work as an action camera and be used by itself.

Removable Cameras The Future For Smartphones? 29
Designed by Yanko Design

Other than that, there’s also the concept of it coming with a sling that allows you to easily carry it around.

We’re not sure if smartphone makers will be able to make such a feature but who knows, right?


Pokdepinion: I like the idea, I just hate bulky camera bumps. I am however afraid that should you take out the camera, the slot will be exposed to dust, dirt, and the likes.

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