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Samsung Set to Introduce Midrange Foldable in 2024: Affordable Foldable Phones on the Horizon

Samsung Set to Introduce Midrange Foldable in 2024: Affordable Foldable Phones on the Horizon

by Aiman MaulanaNovember 15, 2023
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Samsung is set to democratize the foldable phone market by expanding its lineup to the midrange segment. As per a TrendForce report, the tech giant plans to unveil a midrange foldable device in 2024, aligning with earlier speculations. While the exact form factor remains uncertain, indications point towards a clamshell design rather than a book-style foldable.

Samsung Midrange Foldables Expected to Arrive in 2024

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 Review

The probable contender for this midrange offering is the Galaxy Z Flip6 FE, anticipated to boast a more accessible price point with slightly scaled-down specifications. Reports also suggest that Huawei is gearing up to introduce a competitively-priced foldable device in the near future.

According to information shared by Revegnus on Twitter, Samsung is eyeing a price range of $400 to $500 for its midrange foldable. Even with VAT factored in, European consumers could potentially enjoy a foldable device in the ballpark of €650.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 Review -

This pricing strategy positions Samsung’s midrange foldable as an attractive and affordable alternative, especially when compared to the Galaxy Z Flip5, which starts at just under €800. As the foldable market expands, these developments hint at a more accessible era for cutting-edge smartphone technology. Stay tuned for further updates as Samsung’s midrange foldable makes its way to the market in 2024.


Pokdepinion: This could be the beginning of something new for foldables. If it hits the right price point, we could see an influx of new foldable users, which is great. I’m also expecting to see other brands follow suit shortly after if they haven’t done it before Samsung.

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