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AMD “Sound Wave” APU Allegedly Based On Zen6 Architecture

AMD “Sound Wave” APU Allegedly Based On Zen6 Architecture

by Low Boon ShenMarch 4, 2024
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AMD “Sound Wave” APU Allegedly Based On Zen6 Architecture

AMD "Sound Wave" APU Allegedly Based On Zen6 Architecture 27

Korean leaker Gamm0burst has revealed a new leak, which reveals codenames under AMD’s APU roster based on the data mining efforts. The information originated from LinkedIn, under the profiles of figures working in the semiconductor industry.

From previous leaks, we have already learned of some codenames, including Strix Point, Strix Halo, Sarlak, and Kraken Point. These are allegedly based on Zen5 (or Zen5c) cores. In the heavily redacted image below, five codenames are listed: STRIXA0, STRIXB0 (presumably a typo), Sarlak, Kraken, and Sound Wave.

AMD "Sound Wave" APU Allegedly Based On Zen6 Architecture

Based on what we know, both “STRIX” codenames could mean either Strix Point or Strix Halo – the former, expected to release within this year, will be succeeded by Sarlak as a new codename for the refresh in 2025 (according to Videocardz). Kraken Point, meanwhile, is expected to supersede Hawk Point (Ryzen 8040 series). Strix Halo, meanwhile, is the rumored “Super APU” that is expected to pack 16 Zen5 cores and 40 RDNA3.5 Compute Units (CUs).

What’s new here is Sound Wave, and there is no other information attached to it aside from the fact that it will be using a 3nm process node. Given that AMD’s Zen5 architecture is occupied by at least four codenames just by the mobile segment alone, this may be the first Zen6-based APU we’ve known so far.

If it is indeed a Zen6-based APU, that means we’ll be looking at late 2025 or early 2026 as the most likely release date, following the convention of laptop processor releases. In any case, the codename may officially appear in a roadmap at an earlier date – we could be looking at Computex later this year if AMD chooses to unveil its latest development plans by then.

Pokdepinion: Given the name is all we have right now, there’s not much we can make an educated guess on at this stage. 

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