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Snapdragon 775G rumored to be manufactured on Samsung’s 5nm node

Snapdragon 775G rumored to be manufactured on Samsung’s 5nm node

by Vyncent ChanMarch 8, 2021
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Qualcomm’s next upper mid-range chipset is rumored to share quite a few similarities with the recently launched Snapdragon 888. On top of featuring new Kryo 6-series cores, the Snapdragon 775 and Snapdragon 775G are slated to be manufactured on the cutting-edge 5nm node, an upgrade from the last-gen Snapdragon 765G’s 7nm node.

According to leaks, the Snapdragon 775G will come very close to the Snapdragon 865 in Antutu, which will be quite an impressive achievement for a mid-range chipset. Its predecessor, the Snapdragon 765G, managed to outperform the Snapdragon 845 in terms of CPU performance, but not when it comes to graphics.

On top of raw performance, Qualcomm will reportedly equip their new mid-range chipset with a new Spectra 570 ISP, that will reportedly be quite similar to the Snapdragon 888’s Spectra 580 ISP. The leak hints at similar support for triple camera setups, but video recording is toned down to just 4K60, which is already plenty for most people.

Qualcomm Snapdragon 775 series leak

The connectivity has also been upgraded to support WiFi 6E, with support for the 6GHz band. 5G network support is obviously present, as it was one of the main selling points of Snapdragon 765G devices in the past. The modem should similarly be integrated as part of the Snapdragon 775G chipset as well.

Qualcomm has yet to announce any plans to bring a new mid-range chipset to the market. Recent mid-range 5G devices pack MediaTek’s Dimensity chipsets instead of Qualcomm’s, probably owing to their more budget-friendly direction.


Pokdepinion: Come to think of it, we have very few Snapdragon 765G devices here in Malaysia.

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