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Taking A Peek At Who’s Behind The New HONOR Brand

Taking A Peek At Who’s Behind The New HONOR Brand

by Syed Hassan AlgadrieSeptember 20, 2021
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After being sold off last year by previous parent company HUAWEI due to the now infamous US ban in 2019, HONOR is now forging its own path as an independent company with its own goals and strategies. But who is behind this new HONOR?

Who runs HONOR?

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HONOR CEO George Zhao

Chairman Mr Wan Bio and Chief Executive Officer George Zhao, who is not alone in this rebirth, are masterminding and providing the engine gears. Shareholders have given the green light for full authorisation and strategic decisions for HONOR’s everyday demands. This movement tries to establish itself as a stand-alone brand, distinct from its competitors.

HONOR 50 Pro camera

As an independent company, HONOR is able to completely participate in its own business management and decision-making, giving it complete control over its day-to-day operations. With that out of the way, HONOR is now in charge of a workforce of about 8,000 people, covering the entire gamut of end-to-end activities. Research and development, supply chain, manufacturing, sales, marketing, services, and finance are just a few of the divisions.

Fans can be certain that HONOR is working on its own smartphone portfolio while also exploring other elements of life-scenario products, demonstrating that HONOR is a great choice for more than only smartphones, but also for lifestyle and everyday necessities. Over the last seven years, the HONOR team has engaged in effective and efficient cooperation to ensure a fully capable operation that runs smoothly for the benefit of fans all over the world.

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“Stay consumer-centric,” says the company’s credo. Motivate others to work hard. Strive for excellence, creativity, and efficiency; this will propel HONOR to new heights. HONOR is always committed to inventing technology that empowers people throughout the world to go beyond through its R&D skills and forward-looking technologies, with a strategic focus on innovation, product quality, and service.

You can visit here for more information on HONOR.

Pokdepinion: I’m really excited for HONOR’s future. I was a huge fan of the brand when I was younger, even had an HONOR 3C lite which was the first smartphone I ever bought myself with my own money. And now that Google services are returning to HONOR smartphones, things are heading up for them, at least in my eyes.

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