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Xiaomi Now Ahead Of Apple In Europe

Xiaomi Now Ahead Of Apple In Europe

by Raja IdrisMay 6, 2021
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The smartphone market is a competitive place to be in nowadays with plenty of brands vying to take top spot. One tracking firm has observed and revealed however that Xiaomi has passed Apple in Europe.

Xiaomi overtakes Apple in Europe

Canalyst Xiaomi Apple ranking in Europe

The research was released by Canalys where it’s shown that Xiaomi has taken the number two spot, ahead of Apple. The company from China is reported in taking 23% of the region’s share compared to the 19% from Apple.

Xiaomi has enjoyed one of the highest annual growth in the region, with it obtaining 85% growth. In the charts also, we see that HUAWEI is experiencing a major downfall. This would definitely be due to the US trade wars.

Completing the list is Samsung at number one and OPPO at fourth place, where the latter enjoyed the biggest annual growth at 153%.

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Pokdepinion: The reason that I can think of them overtaking Apple is simply the price and device segment offerings. They has plenty of devices, ranging from affordable to high end. Apple on the other hand.. well let’s just say that they’re not actually wallet-friendly. It’ll be interesting to see on whether the company can take that top spot from Samsung though..

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