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Sony Unveils Two New In-Car Media Receivers with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

Sony Unveils Two New In-Car Media Receivers with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

by Charlotte WuJune 14, 2022
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Sony recently launched the Sony XAV-AX6000 and XAV-AX4000, two new additions to its range of automobile AV receivers. Both in-car media receivers now contain additional critical capabilities such as totally wireless smartphone connectivity, allowing drivers to use voice control for navigation or music playback while driving even if their device is in their pocket.

Sony XAV-AX6000 and XAV-AX4000 Key Features

Sony Unveils Two New In-Car Media Receivers with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

The Sony XAV-AX6000 and XAV-AX4000 have a fully wireless smartphone conversion where voice control could be used to communicate, navigate and play music on the road even if the device is in a pocket, thanks to a Wi-Fi connection from the user’s smartphone and GPS.

Furthermore, the Apple CarPlay feature connects the iPhone with the display and controls of the car audio system, allowing users to conduct phone calls, access music, send and receive messages, obtain traffic-optimized directions, and more while the driver remains focused on the road. Apple CarPlay supports third-party navigation apps and gives you even more options for getting to your location.

Another feature of the Sony XAV-AX6000 and XAV-AX4000 is the Android Auto which is a simpler way to use a smartphone with the vehicle audio’s display. Drivers could use the feature to communicate with Google and remain connected, engaged, and informed while keeping their focus on the road. To get started, simply say “Hey Google” or hit the dedicated voice control button.

The XAV-AX6000 has a 6.95-inch bezel-less flush surface display with a capacitive touch screen whereas the XAV-AX4000 has a 6.95-inch sleek anti-glare touch screen.

Sony Unveils Two New In-Car Media Receivers with Wireless Smartphone Connectivity

The XAV-AX6000 has an additional HDMI connectivity that enables the users to attach external audio and visual source device for monitoring when parked and it has a head unit with high voltage pre-out that produces a 5-volt signal, resulting in a crisper sound with less distortion.

LDAC provides the convenience of Bluetooth wireless audio as well as superb sound quality. Connect compatible devices to broadcast audio at 96 kHz/24-bit sampling at up to 3x the bandwidth, 990 kbps of standard Bluetooth.

The devices feature Free Lossless Audio Codec which is an audio format comparable to MP3 but lossless, which means that audio signals are compressed without quality loss. The user can now play FLAC files with up to 24-bit depth and 384 kHz sampling frequency.

In the AV receivers, the built-in DSP provides sound compression and time synchronization for each of the 5 addressable channels; 4 speakers plus a subwoofer through pre-out. A 14-band EQ allows users to tailor the overall sound to their music or preferences. Users can dial in the exact match of front, rear, and subwoofers with the 3-zone crossover.

Users who activate the Quick Wake Up option are ready to go as soon as they switch on the ignition. Not only that, the device allows users to see the image of a linked rear view camera when changing the vehicle’s transmission lever to the R (Reverse) mode or tapping the Rear Camera icon on the home screen.

The new button design incorporates larger keys that blend in with the sleek display. Access volume, source, sound settings, and voice control for safe and simple driving. Allows the user to change the wallpaper to one of the predefined colour schemes or a JPEG image saved on a USB device. The USB Type-C Hi-speed reversible connection interface can carry a maximum current of 5V 3.0A for updated smartphone connections.

The 3-pre out connectivity lets the user build a whole acoustic system, such as a subwoofer, a mono amplifier, and a 4-channel amplifier, for even louder and more powerful sound rendering in the future. To avoid deterioration and signal distortion, the connecting plugs are gold-plated. The rear structure is constructed with single-DIN proportions, allowing adequate space beneath the radio for wire harnesses, steering wheel control and integration devices, and more. This also allows the radio to be installed in vehicles with limitations behind the radio mounting space.

The XAV-AX6000 will be available in Malaysia from September 2022 whereas the XAV-AX4000 will be available from August 2022. For more information about the media receivers, feel free to visit Sony’s official websites here:

XAV-AX6000 product website
XAV-AX4000 product website

Pokdepinion: A superb upgrade to your driving experience!

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