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Samsung OLED S95B Series TVs Launched In Malaysia

Samsung OLED S95B Series TVs Launched In Malaysia

by Low Boon ShenNovember 23, 2022
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Samsung OLED S95B Series TVs Launched In Malaysia

For many years Samsung has put its efforts on QLED TVs unlike most rivals – today that is set to change as the company launches its first ever OLED TV in its lineup, the S95B.

Samsung OLED S95B

Unlike any other OLED panels though – Samsung is touting its latest iteration of QD-OLED (Quantum Dot OLED) uses blue OLED panel as the backlight to pass through a quantum dot layer, which enables it to achieve much wider color gamut at better efficiency (since no “filtering” is involved).

Powering it is the company’s Neural Quantum Processor 4K – a “multi-model neural networks” that optimize per-pixel brightness with AI; the chip also deals with upscaling and optimize the scenes based on different viewing conditions. Gamers will get the benefit as well – with 4K 120Hz refresh rate plus extremely low latency that comes with OLED technology, as well as HDMI 2.1 support on all four HDMI ports.

Dolby Atmos comes standard – though Samsung says they added their own twist to it. Powered physically using multi-channel TV speakers spanning around the screen, this enables directional audio which also empowers Object Tracking Sound (OTS) feature. Those who prefer soundbars will get to utilize the Q-Symphony feature which will let the soundbar work in tandem with TV’s onboard speakers for greater sound range.

Samsung OLED S95B Series TVs Launched In Malaysia 32

Samsung OLED S95B is offered in two sizes – with 55″ set for RM10,499 whereas the bigger 65″ variant is set for RM14,499. Starting today until 4 Dec 2022, Samsung offers a free HW-Q600B soundbar (worth RM2,599) for any purchases of either models.

Pokdepinion: I’ve heard good things about QD-OLEDs recently on gaming monitors, would like to see how it fares on TVs.


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