Soulja Boy Is Making Another Game Console “From Scratch”

Syed Hassan Algadrie
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Soulja Boy Is Making Another Game Console “From Scratch”

Does anyone remember Soulja Boy’s failed attempts at selling game consoles back in 2018? The rapper sold a few China-made knock-off video game consoles repackaged under his “Soulja” brand which was subsequently taken down following a lawsuit by Nintendo. You’d think that he would’ve learned his lesson after all that kerfuffle but it turns out that might just not be the case.

Soulja Boy takes another stab at making a new game console

Soulja recently tweeted, “Coming soon @SouljaGame” last weekend which seems to indicate that he is indeed coming back with another “video game console”. If you check out the Soulja Game Twitter account, it does indeed say that they are building a new console seemingly “from scratch” with “an all new design”. 

Soulja Boy also released pictures of the game console on the Soulja Game Instagram account which admittedly looks about as original as sliced bread. The game console features a look like an Xbox One X with a controller that looks like the PlayStation 2’s DualShock 2 controller. I guess pairing something that looks like an Xbox One X and a PS2 controller counts as an all-new design.

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