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Nintendo Switch Consoles To Face Shortage Warns Nintendo

Nintendo Switch Consoles To Face Shortage Warns Nintendo

by Raja IdrisMay 7, 2021
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Getting a console in 2021 has been hard, I think we all know that by now. The reason? Well one of them is because of the ongoing global chip shortage, making company’s harder to produce more units. Despite being launched for quite some time now, it appears that the Nintendo Switch will be joining the list of hard-to-find consoles.

Nintendo Switch to face shortage

Nintendo Switch shortage

The global chip shortage has affected the console industry quite severely where it has caused unit shortages. When you have that issues, you then have to face the dreaded scalpers where they know the items that are on their hands are limited thus should have a higher price (than retail).

In their earnings call, Nintendo has warned that the Nintendo Switch supplies would face issues due to the chip shortage for this year in 2021. They’ve said that the hardware production “might be affected by obstacles to the procurement of parts, including the increase in global demand for semiconductor components”.

Nintendo has reported 28.8 million Switch consoles sold during its previous fiscal year. There’s no way to assure that there will be a stock shortage for the console but if you want to avoid paying a large sum of money (than retail price), you might want to get the Switch as soon as you can.

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Pokdepinion: I feel that in Nintendo Switch’s case, it isn’t (or wouldn’t be) as severe as PS5 or Xbox Series X are facing. This is due to the fact of how long the Switch has been in the market already, I feel that a majority of gamers would have gotten the console by now if it was on their mind. Hopefully it won’t come with price tags that’s absurd in the market soon..

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