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Apex Legends To Punish Quitters In Latest Update

Apex Legends To Punish Quitters In Latest Update

by Raja IdrisMay 25, 2021
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Season 9 of Apex Legends has brought a lot of things, including the new Arenas mode. Aside from nerfing weapons such as the Bocek Bow and Spitfire, it seems that Respawn Entertainment has revealed that they are going to punish quitters of the game.

Apex Legends quitters to be punished

The news was revealed over at Respawn’s official Twitter account, where they’ve posted the patch notes of what’s to come to the game soon. In it, it seems that they will punish Apex Legends players who leave Arenas matches early.

Apex Legends quitters

What’s the punishment? Quitters will face the same punishment for leaving a ranked Battle Royale match, meaning that they will be unable to search for matches for a set amount of time.

The penalty is only applicable if you are in a full squad when you left. It seems that before you attempt to leave, the game will give you a popup and warns you should you are about to leave a game in-progress.

It’s understandable on why Respawn has decided to implement the punishment where before this, players were able to leave the game without any consequences thus ruining the game.

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Pokdepinion: I’ve been enjoying the new Arenas mode but every now and then, there’s always that one person who leaves the game while it’s still ongoing. Hopefully this update will make players of the game to think twice before quitting.

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