Tekken 8 Faces Input Speed Issues in Closed Network Tests: Director Offers Workaround

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Tekken 8 Faces Input Speed Issues in Closed Network Tests: Director Offers Workaround

The much-anticipated Tekken 8, the latest installment in the popular fighting game series, has recently kicked off its first Closed Network Test (CNT) phase. However, the initial impressions from players are not all positive, as the game seems to be experiencing some difficulties with input speed.

Tekken 8 Faces Input Speed Issues in Closed Network Tests

In a Twitter message addressed to the testers, Game Director Katsuhiro Harada acknowledged the issues and provided instructions on how players can address the problem and reduce “jitter” while improving input speed. Despite the guidance, some players, presumably part of the testing group, reported that even after adjusting the settings, the player input still felt notably slow. This feedback has raised concerns among fans about the overall gameplay experience.

The CNT for Tekken 8 began exclusively on PlayStation 5 on July 21 and will continue until July 24. A second testing phase is scheduled for July 28-31, which will include Xbox Series X|S and Steam users, providing a broader range of feedback for the developers to consider.

However, the suggested workaround provided by Harada did not sit well with many players. Some expressed dissatisfaction that adjusting graphics settings was necessary to achieve optimal input speed. User @e_for_emile commented, “You have to compromise graphics in order to play with correct inputs?” Another player, @SideAccountOnly, questioned why the most optimized setting wasn’t the default, stating, “this shouldn’t be an option in this way imo, should be standardized for the best outcome overall.”

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Many players requested additional customization options to fine-tune the gameplay and graphical balance to suit their preferences. User bar_barXII asked, “Any chance the team could add a 4th option, ‘custom,’ to let the player fine-tune what input delay they personally want? I think that addition would really improve the user experience for everyone.”

Amidst the concerns about input speed, the comment section also revealed broader criticism of Tekken 8. Some players expressed disappointment, feeling that the game resembled a continuation of Tekken 7 rather than a fresh installment. User @ColorBigger remarked, “This is not Tekken 8, it is Tekken 7’s new season, nothing more. All you did was copy-paste and slapped a ‘new’ sign on it. That means the same old problems that made people quit Tekken 7 are still there and nothing has changed.”

Despite the mixed reactions, there was also some positive feedback. Users like @radientblog appreciated the challenge and praised the Tekken team, stating, “I’m getting my ass beat each match, but you know what? I love it. I enjoy Xiaoyu so much, and the other players are so damn skilled. Thank you Tekken team, thank you Harada-san, it’s so much fun.”

Tekken 8’s official launch date is yet to be announced, but most estimates suggest an early 2024 release.


Pokdepinion: As players continue to participate in the Closed Network Tests, developers will likely be monitoring feedback closely and making necessary adjustments to address the concerns raised. While some fans have expressed frustrations, it’s essential to remember that these tests are an opportunity for the developers to fine-tune the game before its official release.

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