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Resident Evil 8 Teased to Be the Most Disturbing Entry Yet

Resident Evil 8 Teased to Be the Most Disturbing Entry Yet

by Aiman MaulanaMay 12, 2020
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Resident Evil is one of the most popular game franchises around, especially when it comes to horror. The latest mainline entry saw it return to its horror roots, which is something fans have been clamoring for. Now, it appears that Resident Evil 8 could just be the darkest, most disturbing entry yet.

According to Capcom insider Dusk Golem, a.k.a. @AestheticGamer1, Resident Evil 8 will be “by far the darkest & most gruesome RE yet.” In a reply to another user on Twitter, he has also mentioned that the game will be incorporating some of the incredibly disturbing enemy designs to have ever come to the series thus far.

What Else Can We Expect from Resident Evil 8?

From what we know thus far, there have been details suggesting that the game will be played from a first-person perspective again. There’s also said to new elements such as hallucinations and others that will be new to the franchise.

Nothing much else is know at the moment, and most of the details you can find online are purely speculative. With that being said, we do expect to see this game sometime in 2021. We will be reporting more on this as soon as information becomes available so stay tuned.


Pokdepinion: Well, teasing is one thing but actually pulling it off is another. Let’s see how dark this entry will get.

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