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Apex Legends Has A Growing Cheater Problem That Needs To Be Addressed Quickly

Apex Legends Has A Growing Cheater Problem That Needs To Be Addressed Quickly

by Aiman MaulanaMarch 11, 2019
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Apex Legends Has A Growing Cheater Problem That Needs To Be Addressed Quickly

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Having cheaters / hackers in online games isn’t uncommon. Especially for popular games, there will surely be a number of self-entitled monkeys wanting to be at the top but not put in the necessary hours of getting to the top. Apex Legends is no exception as it now has a growing cheater problem that needs to be addressed quickly.

Reddit user u/My_watch_is_ended posted yesterday stating “Apex needs to address cheating issue faster. Asian server is filled by Ch***** cheaters.” The user then went on stating that PUBG was too late to region lock china, saying most players had moved on already. The comment section was filled with other users and their stories dealing with the cheating issue.

Reddit user u/Gonnagofarkidtr stated that almost every solo / duo lobby that they played in this week had an aimbot in it. They even posted a video for some evidence. Another user even commented to them stating that they were killed by the same cheater about a week ago and they reported the cheater to EA via email.

PUBG at its prime saw plenty of cheaters. This is also partly why there were many gamers that moved on to other games when they were available. There are concerns that if Respawn Entertainment isn’t able to address the issue fast enough, people might just leave Apex Legends behind in flocks.

Respawn has followed up with some updates on the cheating issue. Respawn’s community manager posted on r/ApexLegends that they have banned over 355,000 players specifically on PC via Easy-Anti-Cheat. They go on to state that they are working on improvements to combat cheaters but will be a bit secretive about their plans.

Cheaters can be crafty and could possibly anticipate some moves Respawn might make if they were more open about their plans. Though they did state some higher level plans they are working on such as working directly with experts both inside EA and outside, scaling up the anti-cheat team, and adding a report feature on PC.

Apex Legends is currently available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC via Origin for free.

Source: Reddit

Pokdepinion: Bumped into a number of them myself and it’s quite a bonerkill if you ask me. No way anyone can just shred me with gold armour and health in just one second from far away with a rapid fire-type weapon.

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