World’s First 8 Slot Mining Motherboard – Introducing BIOSTAR’s TB250-BTC+

Raja Idris
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BIOSTAR has officially release their latest product, the TB250-BTC+, which is a 8 slot PCI-e motherboard. Suitable for those looking to maximize their mining done at home. There are no worries for power issues as the motherboard stay close to the safety limits of a continuous load rating for a standard 15amp household circuit.

World’s First 8 Slot Mining Motherboard - Introducing BIOSTAR's TB250-BTC+ 6

It is ready to go on the get go with the driver ready for both 8X NVIDIA GeForce graphics card or 8X AMD. Although mainly being a crypto mining platform, it is versatile for gaming and everyday application with features such as 7.1 channel HD audio, USB 3.0 transfers for 10X faster than USB 2.0 and software to monitor CPU/system temperatures, and CPU fan status with smart and manual CPU fan control and system voltage monitoring.

The motherboard is compatible with ethOs and multicoin mining for currencies such as Ethereum, Zcash, Monero, and etc.

For durability, it is tested to withstand high-density and moist conditions with the MoistureProof PCB. It also includes Low RdsOn MOS for cooler temperatures and lower energy loss. BIOSTAR’s exclusive Anti-Surge is also built in to extend the life-span of the motherboard by reducing shocks from overvoltage transients.

For more on BIOSTAR’s crypto mining guide, you can check it out here. To see more on the BIOSTAR TB250-BTC+, click here

Pokdepinion: Certainly looks good for those looking to mine from home.


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